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Andrew Garfield Height, Weight, Workout and Body

Andrew Garfield


Andrew Garfield Height, Weight, Workout and Body

Andrew Garfield height is about 6 feet or 183 cm and weight around 75 kgs. Check his body, chest and bicep size as well as his diet and workout.

Andrew Garfield’s Bio

Andrew Garfield is born on the 20th day of August, 1983 in Los Angeles, made his debut film in the year 2007 “Lions for Lambs” after several stage performances and television shows.

Andrew Garfield

He belonged to a middle- class family and had a secular up-bringing. His family was running a business in interior- designing and his mother Lynn, is an assistant teacher in nursery school. Garfield primarily earned commendation as a stage actor, taking home the Evening Standard’s Milton Shulman Award for “Outstanding Newcomer” in the year 2006. Thereafter he carried on with his work in television and stage shows. The man got a greater fame in the movie “The Amazing Spiderman” in the year 2012.

On the personal front, the actor is many a times linked with his co-actor Emma Stone to have the great chemistry together. He was also nominated for Oscar for best actor in “Hacksaw Ridge” released in the year 2016. Moreover, the boy has received the award for best actor in the year 2007 for his role in “Boy A”. He has been nominated for his works in “Hacksaw Ridge”, as the best actor in the leading role, and also nominated for best actor in supporting role for his work in “The Social Network”. This was the journey of his struggling period to get the success from all over.

Andrew Garfield Height Measurements

Height does matters in the glamour world, especially when it comes to walk over the ramp and thousands of eyes only over the personality. Having a good stature is not a miracle or such. In fact people go for training and rigorous exercises if they do not achieve the minimum height that opens the gate to enter the modeling campaign.

Andrew Garfield height

Andrew Garfield is lucky to have that perfect stature of 183cm which makes him much attractive than anyone else in the industry. He is famous for his appearance in the film “The Amazing Spiderman” where he won the hearts of people by his acting and appearance as the most handsome hunk.

Andrew Garfield weight, chest and biceps size

Getting the most appealing look, Andrew Garfield has the most attractive body measurements of 39-13-31. This is amazing that the handsome hunk proudly poses him in front of the camera when on stage.

Andrew Garfield weight and biceps

There are many others who admire him and envy him as well. Yet, this is nothing new in Andrew’s life and he proudly says that he has got that incredible look and the stamina to attract women at one wink. He has also got biceps of 13 inches which is not too high for the slim build. Andrew Garfield or popularly known as the Spiderman, has got an attractive look and smile that makes girls go crazy for him.

Andrew Garfield diet and workout

The Spiderman is not much cautious about his dietary routine and follows his heart to have whatever he wishes to. Whether it is pasta or potato chips, all are included in his daily eating habits when he is left all alone. He has also stripped off extra pounds from his body to look appealing in Spiderman dress which was a skinny outfit. This is why he followed a daily workout plan to get those attractive chest and biceps for the Spiderman role. Apart from this, his daily workout routine also includes morning walk and jogging in the field, which is neither too tough and nor much time consuming.

Andrew Garfield diet and workout

His fitness trainer guides him to follow a five- day workout routine to develop the core strength as well as enhance flexibility of the body. To have gratifying and swifter outcome, his fitness trainer preferred him to make good congregation of cardiovascular exercise in addition to strength training. He also added some of the simple yet much dominant daily workouts routine such as abs crunch, bicycle crunch, and etc. Thus, like many other Hollywood celebs, Andrew is not a die- heart fan of workouts; he just follows what his trainer guides him to do for his upcoming movies and nothing more of that.

Andrew Garfield Body Measurements

When it comes to the overall appearance, male celebs panic a lot because they crave for 6 packs and 8 packs. Hollywood industry is filled with such men with great stature and incredible physic.

Andrew Garfield body

Andrew Garfield has a good height which is above the minimum benchmark, i.e. 183 cm and an attractive physic of 39-13-31 which makes him appear like a hunk. He has won the hearts of many women in the industry and fortunately, he loves being admired by people around him. He is a completely good looking personality and enjoys his own company.

  • Body Type: slim
  • Height: 6.0 or 183cm
  • Weight: 74Kg or 163lbs
  • Shoe Size: unknown
  • Eye Colour: Dark Brown
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Ethnicity: White
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