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Chris Pine Height, Weight, Shoe Size and Body Workout

Chris Pine


Chris Pine Height, Weight, Shoe Size and Body Workout

Know the complete diet and workout plan along with Chris Pine height, weight, shoe size, chest, bicep size and overall body measurements.

Chris Pine Bio

Chris Pine is one of those actors who has given huge hits and yet keep a relatively low profile in the glamour world of Hollywood. Christopher Whitelaw Pine was born on 26th August, 1980 in Los Angeles, CA.

Chris Pine

Chris already had some family connections in acting. Both of his parents were actors. His sister Katherine Pine has also had a brief stint in acting. Chris Pine had quite an impressive educational background. After finishing school, he studied English at the University of California, Berkeley and then went on to the University Of Leeds, England in an exchange program to study acting. After receiving his degree Chris Pine joined American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco to study acting.

Chris Pine got his first ever big break in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement opposite none other than the beautiful Anne Hathaway. However he is best known for his Star Trek series. He has starred in three Star Trek movies starting from 2009. His other movies ventures include Just My Luck, Bottle Shock, Smokin’ Aces, Unstoppable, Rise of the Guardians, Into the Woods, This Means War, Z for Zachariah, The Finest Hours and hell or High Water. Chris Pine has won several awards among which the most prestigious is People’s Choice Award which he has won three times. He has also won MTV Movie Award and Teen Choice Award.

Chris Pine Height

Chris Pine is 6 feet tall. He definitely falls in the league of 6 feet actors of Hollywood. Chris is versatile in playing action hero as well as romantic lead. Thus he has a lean body and along with his impressive 6 feet height he is definitely the hero material of Hollywood.

Chris Pine height

This blue eyed boy has a good amount of female fan following and his lean physic is certainly one of the factors of his unbeatable charm. While he is not the tallest actors of Hollywood but his striking height makes him stand out in the crowd.

Chris Pine Weight

Chris Pine weighs around 78 kilos which shows that the actor has a lean body without an inch of extra fat. Most Hollywood actors who are 6 feet or more in height have a weight more than 80 kilos. However Chris’s impressive 78 kilos makes him look lean yet strong. He has an athletic built and have strong muscles. Chris keeps his weight in check through proper diet and workout plans.

Diet Plan of Chris Pine

Chris Pine changes his diet according to his roles in a movie. If he is going to start off with a new movie then goes on a high calorie protein rich diet that has very little or no carbohydrate. He chooses his food very carefully and only eats those that empower him from inside.

Chris Pine

However he is quite attached to his cup of coffee in the morning. He eats lean protein and also eats lots of vegetables that suffice for his vitamin and carbohydrate intake. Since he always maintain his lean physic and does not want to have bulky muscles he tries to cover up the calorie intake with healthy carbohydrates. He drinks gallons of water and also carries water wherever he goes. This is a great way of flushing out the toxins.

Chris Pine Workout Plan

Chris Pine has an elaborate work out regime. Like other Hollywood actors Chris also follows a strict and rigorous session of workouts every day, especially when he is shooting for Star Trek. His Star Trek workout routine is quite elaborate. There is a combination of whole of forms of exercises.

Chris Pine Workout

It includes cross training, supersets as well as metabolic circuits. He starts off with his workouts as soon as he wakes up. He begins with supersets that not only keeps the metabolism high but also energizes him for the whole day. Chris believes that if you keep your core strong, you will be able to keep yourself healthy and strong.

Complete Body measurements of Chris Pine

Chris Pine body

  • Height: 6 feet
  • Weight: 78 Kilos
  • Chest Size: 41 inches
  • Waist Size: 31 inches
  • Biceps: 14 inches
  • Body Type: Average
  • Body Shape: Athletic
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Show Size: 10 (Assumption)

Things you did not know about Chris Pine

While Chris Pine is one of the most sought after actors of Hollywood today, there are quite a few things that we probably do not know about him. Yes, he is on social media and he is always on the news. But there still lies small secrets that are interesting and funny. When Chris was about to start off his career in acting his first ever role was a brief stint in ER. He played a drunken patient named Levine and his only line was “I got drunk at a Valentine’s Day Party. It was a blow out. It was Icky.” Chris is mostly popular for his roles in Star Trek movies. However the interesting part is that he was never fond of the show when he was young. But while acting he found a sense of “optimism and unity” in these movies.

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