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Jack Black Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Jack Black


Jack Black Height, Weight and Body Measurements

In this list you will find Jack Black height, weight, diet, workout and body measurements. Also, know about when he was born and his personal life.

Jack Black personal life

Born as Thomas Jacob Black on the 28th of August 1969, Jack Black is an American comedian, actor, writer and producer. He was born in Santa Monica, California.

Jack Black

Both his parents were satellite engineers. His mother was a Jew by birth, but his father switched his religion to become a Jew. His parents exposed him to Jewish religion and enrolled him to a Hebrew school, but he had to move to Culver City at the age of 10 because of his parents divorce.

Black was a very cute kid and bagged a commercial for the Activision game Pitfall. He went to Poseidon High School and later went to Crossroad school where his penchant for drama was brought out in the open. The famous comedian dropped out in his sophomore from UCLA.

Jack Black got engaged to Tanya Haden, daughter of Charlie Haden who is a famous jazz double bassist. The two were schoolmates in Crossroads school and after years met each other at a friend’s birthday party. The couple got married on the 14th of March 2006. They have two children, Samuel Jason black and Thomas David Black. The actor has mentioned in some of his interviews that he himself is an Athiest, but plans to expose his children to the Jewish religion.

Jack Black Career

Jack Black started his career with prime time television. Some of the T.V shows he appeared in are Northern Exposure, Mr. Show, The Golden Palace, Life Goes On and Picket Fences. His role in High Fidelity, is considered to be the performance which put him on the map. The actor is known for his acting skills, he has essayed many versatile roles and has not been stereotyped in a particular genre of film. He lent his voice to the Titular role in Kung Fu Panda, which earned him global popularity. Known for his exceptional comic timing, Black starred in the black comedy Bernie.

The actor is known for his roles in Shallow Hal, High fidelity, The Holiday, King Kong, Kung Fu Panda, School of Rock, Gulliver’s Travel, Goosebumps, Bernie and many more movies. The actor is twice nominated for the coveted Golden Globes awards.

Apart from television and cinema, the versatile actor has hosted number of events and T.V shows as well. The multi-faceted Black has tried his hand at music as well. He is the lead singer of the band Tenacious D. together they with a number of charities to raise funds. Apart from that Black has also made appearances in many music videos.

Jack Black Statistics

Jack Black is not a conventionally good-looking Hollywood actor. However, he has a strong personality and an even stronger screen presence.

Jack Black body

The 47-year-old actor is a Virgo has a large built. He is not very tall and is definitely overweight, but does not allow any of that to affect his performance. His rotund shape has been a topic of speculation, especially his protruding belly. He has a very stocky frame, dark brown hair, and brown eyes.

Jack Black height

Jack Black’s height is all of the 5’6” and he is quite short compared to other actors in the industry. This perhaps may the reason why he almost never got to play a role of a conventionally suave man in his movies.

Jack Black height

Though he is short, he does not let that affect his performance his towering screen presence makes up for his shortness of height. Nonetheless, Jack Black is an exceptional actor and his acting prowess shadows all his negative aspects. In an industry, so vain, Jack Black needs to be credited for making it to the top without being conventionally good looking.

Jack Black weight, chest, bicep size

Jack Black’s weight is 103 kg or 227 pounds. Considering the fact that he is short, he is definitely overweight and almost obese. His bulging stomach is enough testimony to prove that the actor leads an unhealthy lifestyle. He wears a size 10 shoe and not much is not about his body measurements, biceps and chest.

Jack Black weight

His longish dark brown hair, make him stand different from the crowd. He has a round body and must try and shed some kilos to look better and fit. Plus, he should take to eating healthy visit the gym frequently to develop a toned body.

Diet and workout

It goes without saying that Jack Black’s diet is not very healthy. He must be indulging in rich food which has to lead to his weight gain. Not much is known about his workout because he does not exercise most importantly. It is advisable that he sticks to a healthy diet and sheds those extra kilos.

Jack Black body measurements

  • Body type: Rotund with bulges
  • Height: 5’6” or 168 cm
  • Weight: 103 kg or227 pounds
  • Shoe size: 8 (US)
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Dark Brown
  • Star sign: Virgo
  • Ethnicity: White
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