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James Franco Height, Weight, Diet and Workout

James Franco


James Franco Height, Weight, Diet and Workout

Find the perfect body stats to know about James Franco height, weight, shoe size, chest, bicep size as well as the workout and diet he follows to stay fit.

James Franco Bio

Hollywood is filled with many actors who are blessed with both good looks and good acting skills and James Franco is one among them. James Edward Franco was born on 19th April, 1978 in Palo Alto in California in USA to Betsy Lou and Douglas Eugene Franco.

James Franco

His mother was a writer who also acted occasionally and his father had a business of Silicon Valley. He has two other brothers- Tom and Dave, among whom the youngest brother, Dave followed the footsteps of James and is a well-known part of the showbiz industry. Though James wanted to pursue acting as a career yet he never neglected his studies. He began doing Major in English from the University of California, but had to leave midway for acting. Presently, he is a candidate of PhD in Yale University. He had been rumored to date quite a many ladies, the best known among them were- Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, Amanda Seyfried etc.

Acting Career

This American actor cum director cum producer got his first work in television called Freaks and Geeks which received a warm welcome. From then he did many series and gained appreciations. In 1997, he debuted in the big screen with Never Been Kissed. Till date, he has been a successful part of many movies- Pineapple Express, Oz the Great and Powerful, Milk, Spring Breakers, Rise of the Planets of Apes, Spider-Man trilogy, 127 Hours etc. He has also received awards for his performances.

James Fraco Vital Statistics

James’ curly hair, wrinkled, smiling eyes and one sided smirk has already won millions of hearts. Apart from those, his not so athletic body but still a slim and lean structure has been the point of talk. A great looker overall, James has done different genres of films but more or less all had realistic characters. Hence, though he had to undergo changes for his characters, he never had to have a massive make over.

James Franco body

For 127 Hours, he had to have a fit body otherwise the role of the climber wouldn’t have been believable. In Annapolis, he acted as a boxer and had to learn the art and also possessed a much more shaped and toned body. Ignoring these minimal fluctuations, James’ statistics were always fairly distributed and praise worthy.

James Franco Height

This happy go lucky guy has a height of 178 cm or 5.10 inches. Though many a people doubt the authenticity of the measurement and think he in real life is much shorter.

James Franco height

But all these are pointless, as no one goes to watch a movie with measuring tape! And whatever be his height, his acting and behavior on screen are the things that steal attention. Moreover, James appears taller than he is in real life and this gave rise to all such questions. 5.10 inches though not very tall is not a short height either. It is a decent length which is good for an actor.

James Franco weight, chest, biceps size

Other than height, there are other factors as well that make the actor appear attractive. These factors add substance and provide necessary impact. What is use of height if not countered with the perfect width and other body parts? Well, proportion-less to be specific and less rude or harsh.

James Franco weight

James weight is 167.5 pounds or 76 Kg which is fine if compared with his height and gives him the needed elevation. His chest size is of 42 inches and that of his waist is 31 inches, which hints at a V shaped body that many people simply crave for. His biceps is of 14 inches. As said earlier, an actor needs to break or build himself in accordance with his role, same goes for Mr. Franco. He has done many movies but none of his films required him to have severe transformation. James’ slim body suits him and goes well with his boyish charm.

James Franco Diet and Workout

Even if someone is not trying hard to grow muscles, then also proper diet and freehand exercises should be practiced to stay in shape and keep the body active. James believes this. He does not have an athlete’s body with chiselled features but he has gifted himself a leaner body.

James Franco workout

Foley is his trainer who helped James to achieve his present body. Push-ups, sit-ups, jump rope exercises, speed bag punching, kick boxing etc. are some of the work-outs that James did and still do to own his body. His week is distributed into different types of work-outs to ease his actions. Depending on his needs, he was on a special diet and also took food supplements.

James Franco Body Measurements

  • Body Type: Slim built
  • Height: 5’10’’ or 178 cm
  • Weight: 76 Kg or 167.5 pounds
  • Shoe Size: 10 (US)
  • Eye Colour: Dark Brown
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Star Sign: Aries
  • Ethnicity: Swedish- Portuguese (Father).
    Jewish- Russian (Mother)
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