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Josh Brolin height, weight and body measurements

Josh Brolin


Josh Brolin height, weight and body measurements

Find about Josh Brolin height, weight, chest size, biceps size and complete body measurements. Also know more about his diet and workout he uses to stay fit.

Josh Brolin’s bio

Brolin was born on the 12th day of February, year 1968, in L.A. This was the auspicious day for his father, James Brolin, an actor and mother Jane Cameron Agee.

Josh Brolin

The actor grew up in California, and later his parents broken up in the early days of 1980s. It was not expected but, Josh Brolin was forced to divide his point in time linking between his parents two different households. In his high school days, the actor got to know his enthusiasm and passion for acting and subsequently he made his film first appearance in the family oriented big screen- “The Goonies” (1985). Josh has been wedded to actress Diane Lane since the year 2004.

His Hollywood Career

The actor began his career on small screen or what is called the TV movies as well as appeared in guest spots on TV shows. Josh was as well offered the role in “21 Jump Street”, however it twisted it down to star in Private Eye. The series was on air only for half a season. Josh Brolin is perchance known for his role as” Wild Bill Hickok” in the popular TV series “The Young Riders” that lasted for three long years. Moreover, there were 2 other small screen series Winnetka Road in the year 1994 as well as Mister Sterling in the year 2003. Josh Brolin’s biggest success was Paul Verhoeven’s Hollow Man released worldwide in the year 2000 that generated revenue about $191,200,000.

Josh Brolin’s statistics

Hollywood industry is filled with men who possess great body stats with perfect chest, waist, biceps and overall appealing looks. Girls and women all over the world admire these Hollywood stars when they appear over the screen with their best action or emotional scenes. It is the body statistics that makes their personality much bold and mature than their age.

Josh Brolin body stats

Josh Brolin is too attractive in appearance with his 42 inches chest, 34 inches waist and 16 inches biceps that gives him the stunning looks in his movies. His co-stars are often seen with him traveling all around on the movie sets.

Josh Brolin height

Height again is the most relevant factor that keeps these Hollywood men alive and more profound while appearing on screen with their stunning looks.

Josh Brolin height

Height judges the personality and the overall appearance of these studs when walking over the ramp. Josh Brolin has the perfect stature of 6 ft that makes him much attractive than any other showstopper. Though the actor has played different role, however, he is well known for his villainous appearance with a good stature that suits his personality.

Josh Brolin weight,chest, biceps and body measurements

Josh Brolin has a good stature, it is no doubt, but he also possesses good biceps and chest size with an above average look. Biceps- 16 inches, chest- 42 inches and waist 34 inches.

Josh Brolin weight

He was rumored that he has gained weight for his new up- comings and he is possessive for his looks and appearance in all his movies. Though there are other stunning actors who remained his competitor throughout his career, however, josh managed to attract his fans with his absolute stunning performance and revealing looks.

Josh Brolin diet and workouts

Josh Brolin is a fitness freak and much conscious about his looks and appearance, he follows a rigorous diet plan and workout to look stunning in all his films and for a healthy life too. He has to undergo complete change for his films where her first was pushed to gain weight and then lose weight as per his role and that too within few months only.

Josh Brolin diet workout

This led him follow the tough tasks and workouts that changed his outlook completely. It is clear from this diet and workout plan that Josh Brolin is extremely dedicated to his roles. Numerous actors change their weight and physic for their films but they are provided with few months between each films. Josh is an exception in this regard, as he has gone through an extreme transformation for playing two separate versions of one character for a film.

He is also fond of natural ingredients in his daily diet that detoxifies his body from unwanted products or unhealthy consumption. It is not necessary that only taking healthy diet will turn you healthy. It is detoxification too that acts as a natural cleanser that cleanses the liver and keeps it healthy too. Josh had to reveal both the extremes of his character. He had to go from an obese alcoholic to a big shot who trained him for months while locked up in a hotel room, so that he could get in shape and become an expert combatant.

Josh Brolin Body Measurement

  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Height: 6 feet or 183cm
  • Weight: 80Kg or 176lbs
  • Shoe Size: 10 (assumption)
  • Eye Colour: Light Brown
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Star Sign: Aquarius
  • Ethnicity: White
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