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Leonardo Dicaprio Height, Weight, Diet, Workout, Body Stats

Leonardo Dicaprio


Leonardo Dicaprio Height, Weight, Diet, Workout, Body Stats

Find Leonardo Dicaprio height in feet and cm as well as his weight in kg and pounds, bicep chest, shoe size, diet, workout and body measurements.

Leonardo Dicaprio Biography

Originally from Los Angeles, this New York resident was named after the renaissance painter Leonardo Da Vinci and like the painter he is a prolific thinker and influencer.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Apart from his own production that goes by the name of Appian Way Productions, Dicaprio has made quite a mark with his philanthropic activities. The Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation is an organisation which aims in making a sustainable healthy relationship amongst the inhabitants of the earth. Their goal is to protect and conserve nature and wildlife, thus maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

Acting Career

Leonardo Dicaprio, our very own Jack from Titanic is most talented actor in Hollywood. This 42 year old charming young man is quite a heartthrob of people cutting across all ages and boundaries. The celebrity American actor has essayed various dynamic roles which have led to his global fame and recognition. His leading role in the 2015 film The Revenant won him the prestigious Academy Award, BAFTA and The Golden Globe Award. Although a high profile top league actor now, Leo as his fans call him, first started his career with small roles on television series.

Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic

He featured in shows like Growing Pains and Santa Barbara. The 1991 film Critters 3 which gave him his first official Hollywood break. However, it was in the 1997 iconic James Cameron’s film “The titanic”, which made him a household name. The film told the story of the unsinkable ship titanic from the eyes of an old devastated lady Rose played by Kate Winslet. Dicaprio essayed the male lead Jack opposite Kate and the 2 actors became the best of friends. A bond they share even today. Dicaprio have given stellar performances in quite a number of films like the Aviator, Inception, The shutter Island, The Wolf of Wall Street, Catch Me If You Can, Revolutionary Road to name a few.

Leonardo Dicaprio Height

When it comes to good looks and attractive personality, we are immediately reminded of a person’s height. An attractive personality is often measured by a desirable height – not too short, not too tall but the correct disposition to highlight your features.

Leonardo Dicaprio height

Dicaprio with his 6ft height is an ideal man for this purpose. A potential tall well built with an enthusiastic and robust intellect makes him a formidable opponent for most men in the world and attractive to quite a number of women.

Leonardo Dicaprio’s Weight, Chest, Biceps and Body

Now coming down to either vital statistics. The tall stature of Dicaprio compliments well with his average build body. Weighing about 75 kg, he is neither skinny nor fat – a good measure of a healthy proportionate body.

Leonardo Dicaprio weight

As for his other body measurements, they are quite in sync with his height-weight ratio. 42 inches chest, 36 inches waist and 14 inches biceps are his essential features. This physical features gives a rugged yet delicate physique to his personality. By and large this gels well with this outlook and intellect, building up his versatile aura.

Diet and Workout Plan of Leonardo Dicaprio

Similar to other actors who take their craft seriously, Dicaprio too have went rigid tranformations throughout her career. The chocolate boy look of Titanic has given away to the lean rugged look in Inception. His portrayal in this film required him to undergo quite a substantial weight loss and gain a 6 pack abs. Needless to say, Dicaprio achieved it without much of a hazard and well before the shooting of the film had started, such was his level of commitment.

Leonardo Dicaprio workout

Dicaprio has undergone many such changes for his films like Django, the Departed and many others. Thus, he changes his diet and work out plans according to the need of the hour. However, his regular diet is easy to adopt and quite healthy. Similar to other celebs he relies on a low carb, high protein and healthy fat diet. Instead of heavy meals, small high protein meals at short duration holds the key here. His diet comprises of lean meat, fruits, green vegetables, nuts and organic foods. However, he confesses that he sometimes crash diets in order to reduce calories and for this he takes the help of his nutritionist. This diet is complementary to a well chalk out exercise routine.

Leonardo Dicaprio diet

Dicaprio’s personal trainer Joujon Roche advises of a 90 minute workout plan for 6 days of a week. Cardio exercise like running, jogging, squats are integral part of his life. His strong biceps and upper back is due to regular weightlifting of 30 minutes. Unlike other workout regimes his is an all-inclusive one and includes both high intensity and low intensity exercise at regular intervals. Apart from this yoga, martial arts are key ingredients of his workout. Overall, the chiselled shape and the rustic charm of Leonardo Dicarpio is the outcome of such a dynamic routine and a disciplined lifestyle.

Leonardo Dicaprio Body Measurements

Moving on from films to the real person, let us take a closer look at Leo. The enigmatic personality with oozing charm is a mixture of all things great. The right mash up of intelligence and persona.

Leonardo DiCaprio body measurements

The thing we popularly regard as Beauty with Brains. Now, his enigmatic personality came from his well nurtured physique and admirable good looks.

  • Body type: Average build
  • Height: 6’ 0” or 183 cm
  • Weight: 75 kg or 165 pounds
  • Shoe size: US size 12 or EU size 23
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Star sign: Scorpio
  • Ethnicity: White
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