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Paul Rudd Height, Weight, Diet and Workout

Paul Rudd


Paul Rudd Height, Weight, Diet and Workout

Check this complete stats about Paul Rudd height, weight, biceps, chest size, shoe size along with the diet and workout he used to drop his body fat levels.

Paul Rudd Bio

Rudd is a popular writer, producer and actor belonging to America. He was born as Paul Stephan Rudd to Michael and Gloria on 6th April 1969 in Passaic, New Jersey in USA.

Paul Rudd

His father was Trans World Airlines former Vice President and later became tour guide to historical places and his mother is a Sales Manager at a television station called KCMO-TV which is situated in Kansas City. He has only one sister- Julie Rudd. His educational life was pretty simple as he went to many institutions and finally ended with a graduation in drama. Paul did not have many rather any link ups whatsoever. He dated Julie Yaeger who is TV producer in 1998 and later they got married in 2003 on 23rd February. The couple has two children- Jack Sullivan Rudd (son, 2006) and Darby Rudd (daughter, 2010).

Like most other actors, he began his acting career with TV series. His first outing was Sisters in 1992 and he debuted in movies in 1994 with Runaway Daughters. Afterwards, he has starred in many movies- Clueless, Knocked Up, Wanderlust, 200 Cigarettes, Ant-Man, Anchorman franchise etc. Though he worked in many movies yet he kept on appearing on the TV screen with The Simpsons, Saturday Night Life etc. He has co-authored many of his movies and has won many awards for his performance.

Paul’s Vital Statistics

Every actor needs to maintain his body and Paul is no exception in this case. It is the body that grabs them attention hence it is mandatory to pay notice to the requirements of the body in order to have it. Paul is blessed with a good height and has an athletic stature which helps him to bag roles of many kinds. The green eyes of his are regarded to be attractive and along with his sense of humor and sarcastic approach appear to be the features which make Paul distinguishable even among the crowd. Not only vital statistics but the way how a person carries himself and his personality, also help him to make an appearance before the audience.

Paul Rudd

Actors are like idols to their fans and the fans admire the strength both physical and mental of their favorite stars and try to follow their footsteps. This hints that if an actor leads a healthy life, can inspire many others to do the same. The vital statistics of Paul talks of his habits, routine etc. and how he indulges himself for getting hold of such measurements. Indeed the job is tough but then again challenges keep the ball rolling.

Paul Rudd Height

While talking of vital statistics, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is height as it is the first thing that gets noticed, invariably and unconsciously. And when someone has a good height, then there remains no other option but to praise him.

Paul Rudd height

Such is the case for Paul as he is bestowed with an attractive height of 5’10’’ or 178 cm. This height gives him a much needed elevation that enables him to tower tall over other men with average height and make a stir. Moreover, a good height can also vouch for good roles which will help the actor to make a mark on the audience.

Paul Rudd weight, biceps and chest size

Vital Statistics comprise of measurements of the important nodes of the body and this helps to form an idea about the structure and the frame. Paul’s athletic frame indeed raised some eyebrows and his measurements will calm them down a bit. Paul has a weight of 78 kg or 172 pounds which is fair enough for his tall stature.

Paul Rudd body

As he is tall, so the weight will be evenly distributed and won’t make him appear bulky. His measurements are: chest- 40 inch (102 cm); waist- 30 inch (76 cm) and biceps- 14 inch (35.5 cm). He is well built and has abs which hints how hard he has worked upon his body. The size of his shoes is not known but it is definite that he wears shoes!

Paul Rudd Diet and Workout

When someone has a body to maintain, then it is obvious that he will have to work hard and eat right for it. And if an interesting offer comes, then the actor will have to take special care. As for example, Paul underwent a singular kind of routine for his role in Ant-Man.

Paul Rudd workout

Richard Louis, the famous Celebrity trainer who is a professional trained Paul personally for his performance. He opted for some hardcore exercises to gain muscle and drop body fat. Dumb bell bench press, V up, oblique crunch, weighted pull-up etc. were some of the workouts followed by him.

Body Measurements of Paul Rudd

  • Body Type: Athletic built
  • Height: 5’10’’ or 178 cm
  • Weight: 78 Kg or 172 pounds
  • Shoe Size: not known
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Star Sign: Aries
  • Ethnicity: White (Jewish)
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