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Ryan Gosling Height, Weight, Diet, Workout and Body Stats

Ryan Gosling


Ryan Gosling Height, Weight, Diet, Workout and Body Stats

Find the routine of diet and workout followed by Ryan Gosling along with his height, weight, chest, biceps, shoe size and other body measurements.

Ryan Gosling Biography

Ryan is a dreamy actor with loads of charm who reigns supremely over the hearts of women. He is idolized by men alike because they want to achieve and replicate his manly personality along with that boyish appeal. Thomas Ryan Gosling was born on 12th November in 1980 in London in Ontario, Canada to Donna and Thomas Ray Gosling.

Ryan Gosling


His mother was a secretary who later became a high school teacher and his father used to sell products for a paper mill. Ryan has an older sister, Mandi. His schooling was quite disturbed. He changed a lot of schools, was bullied, tried to hurt his fellow students with knives and suffered from low attention rate. For this, he was home schooled by his mother. He has been in many relationships and that too with famous faces from his own field like Sandra Bullock, Rachel McAdams etc. but those did not really last long. Presently he is with another actress, Eva Mendes whom he has been dating since 2011 and in 2014 the duo welcomed their first child. She is named Esmeralda Amada Gosling.

Acting Career

This good looking actor first appeared as himself in Mickey Mouse Club. His first film was Frankenstein and Me and his first debut album was for Dead Man’s Bones. In 2004, he starred along with Rachel McAdams in the film The Notebook based on the similar titled book by Nicholas Sparks and from then people started noticing him. After that he has worked in many movies: Blue Valentine, Lost River, La La Land, Drive, Half Nelson etc.

He has also received many awards for his performances. Other than being a part of the showbiz world, he is also a businessman who co-owns a restaurant called Tagine. He has also participated in many philanthropic works.

Ryan Gosling Vital Statistics

That Ryan has an attractive physique was exposed in the boat-rowing scene in The Notebook which was breathtakingly beautiful. This apparently calm looking person is very deep conforming to its zodiac. Ryan’s tall and slender frame with a jaw-line that’s strong and an equally crafted body with beauty is surely an attention seeker. His slim built compliments his height and makes him appear all the more tall. And his blue eyes with that neatly trimmed blonde mane make him a magical man who is suave and sophisticated but also has an earthly draw.

Ryan Gosling Height

As said earlier, this guy is tall but is it enough to get noticed among the crowd? Well, certainly yes. Ryan is 6 feet tall i.e. 183 cm in length which makes all the more wanted.

Ryan Gosling Height

Elevation is a necessary thing in this glamour world as it provides the person with immense confidence and also helps to get serious roles. Ryan’s appeal is definitely increased by his height as it aids him to fit in the blue-eyed, good-boy-romantic hero types.

Ryan Gosling weight, biceps and chest

Ryan has a well sculpted body and that can be well proven by help of his body measurements. His weight is 78 Kg or 172 pounds which is perfectly at par with his tall stature.

Ryan Gosling body

He has 46 inches chest combined with 34 inches waist which gives the impact of a shaped torso about which people are weak. His biceps is of 16 inches. He looks good in almost everything i.e. he can carry off formals and casuals with equal élan. He is very much comfortable in his own skin. His shoe size is eleven according to the US measurements.

Ryan Gosling diet and Workout

If anyone wants to stay in Hollywood, he will have to be fit. And to stay in proper shape, one needs to do regular workouts and eat right. Ryan also follows this policy and his personal trainer, Kui Puk helps him to do so.
Ryan loves to shed sweat in order to maintain the body he has but as an actor it is his duty to transform his body in accordance with the requirement of the character. Like for Only God Forgives, Ryan had to learn a special way of training, Muay Thai for combating with another character in the movie. Apart from this, he also spends on doing other conventional and useful methods like: chin ups, bench presses, barbell squats, running on treadmill etc.

Ryan Gosling Diet

When someone sweats so much out then that person needs to make his diet suitable enough to compensate his lost energy. His diet should have elements of protein and carbohydrates as these are the sources of repairing tissues and energy. So, fish, rice (brown), vegetables, fruits etc. all are part of Ryan’s dietary discipline. He also drinks plenty of water to keep himself hydrated and de-toxicated.

Ryan Gosling Body Measurements

  • Body Type: Slim built
  • Height: 6 feet or 183 cm
  • Weight: 78 Kg or 172 pounds
  • Shoe Size: 11
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Star Sign: Scorpio
  • Ethnicity: White
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