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Alex Pettyfer Height, Weight and Measurements

Alex Pettyfer


Alex Pettyfer Height, Weight and Measurements

Find the complete vital stats to know about Alex Pettyfer height, weight, chest and bicep size. Also find the diet and workout he uses to maintain his abs and lean physique.

Alex Pettyfer bio

Born in the year 1990 on the 10th day of April, Alex Pettyfer is a well known English actor as well as a model. He was much interested in acting and thus participated as an actor whenever his school organized plays. After choosing modelling as a career, Alex made his first professional appearance in the year 2005 from the British TV production of “Tom Brown’s Schooldays”.

Alex Pettyfer


Alex played the lead role in the Tom Brown series and also received positive reviews for his act. However, during the same year, he was casted in his much prominent role as of now as Alex Rider in Stormbreaker. This film had received many critical reviews and success worldwide. Thereafter, Alex played the role of a school going child in Wild Child as Freddie Kingsley. Later in the year 2011, the actor was casted in the movie “Beastly” against Vanessa as well as Mary-Kate.

All around his career, Alex bagged many awards and nominations like the Teen Choice Award and the MTV Movie Award. In his personal front, the celeb dated many female dignitaries, including Dianna Argon as well as Emma Roberts.

Moreover, he was conjointly engaged with Riley Keough too and thereafter it was reported that the actor has begun his prominent relationship with Marloes Horst. No doubt he has been rumored with many lady dignitaries, and this is why he has planned not to publicize any of his true story.

Alex Pettyfer Statistics

Check the complete body statistics with the adequate measurement of his waist line, chest and biceps that is the reason of women fan followers. No doubt Alex has made his career in Hollywood industry, he is also a lover of daily gyming and is a fitness freak who easily gets distracted when his biceps turn bulgy. This is why he has well maintained his overall outlook joining his fitness trainer in his campuses.

Alex Pettyfer Body stats

Not only the 14 inch bicep but also the 42 inch chest line has marked immense impression over the entire industry, especially the ladies. He also has a stunning stud like looks with the above average height of about 6ft that makes the media shift the camera on this particular actor leaving behind all others.

Alex Pettyfer height

Models in the Hollywood industry are welcomed to showcase their performance and are selected on the basis of certain criteria. These criteria involve overall body statistics such as height, appearance, self confidence, maturity and acting skills. Also, they are judged on many other diverse categories before they are allotted any final projects.

Alex Pettyfer Height


Alex Pettyfer also had to undergo such selection criteria before making his first debut. The stunning performer is gifted with a much appealing height of 5.11 inch along with incredible looks. This had led the directors assign him with new projects one after the other.

Alex Pettyfer weight, waist and chest measurements

Alex Pettyfer has an athletic body type and weighs 174lbs which perfectly matches with his stature and personality. He has well maintained his body weight throughout his career and had also increased and decreased the weight as per the role to be played. The actor has well crafted his chest which measures 42 inches and waist around 32 inches with a strong build biceps of 14 inches. This gives the actor the bold and stud type appearance and the women do get attracted to his looks.

Alex Pettyfer diet and workouts

Alex often desired to have a slender, lean and sleek body to appear taller than what he is and his facial appearance often gets transformed due to this particular feature. Besides this slender and sleek appearance, the actor appears much energetic when he wore his square spectacles. He has a narrow waist as well as broad shoulders. Alex’s daily workout routine mainly focuses on reinforcing the above characteristics. Moreover, his narrow waistline is the ultimate key to his incredible physique.

Alex Pettyfer diet and workout


Pettyfer always preferred a high content of lean proteins rich foods like eggs and fish. This is because he believed that these food contains proteins that provides enormous energy. Apart from this, proteins also provides strength without letting the excess fat and oil curb around the body. Besides eggs and fish Alex also like oats, breads and other fiber rich foods too. He knows well that these foods increases the carbohydrate contents in the body, which offers energy for the entire metabolic processes in the body. The actor has also accepted publicly that he takes adequate amount of water and liquid diet everyday so that he do not suffer from dehydration anytime. The above diet and workout chart is the reason of such bold look on the ramp.

Alex Body Measurements

  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Height: 5.11 feet or 180 cm
  • Weight: 79Kg or 174lbs
  • Shoe Size: 10 (assumption)
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Star Sign: Aries
  • Ethnicity: White
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