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Chris Hemsworth Height, Weight, Diet and Workout

Chris Hemsworth


Chris Hemsworth Height, Weight, Diet and Workout

Check this stats to know about Chris Hemsworth height, weight, biceps, chest size as well as his diet, workout and complete body measurements.

Chris Hemsworth biography

Son of Leonie and Craig Hemsworth, Chris was born in Melbourne, Australia. He is the middle of his three brothers, the older being Luke and the younger Liam.

Chris Hemsworth

Some of his ancestries comprise of Dutch, Irish, Scottish and German. The good look actor was raised in Melbourne and in the Australian Outback in Bulman. He went to Heathmont College and started his television career in 2002 with Guinevere Jones, where he essayed the role of King Arthur.

The actor also made his presence felt in shows like Marshall Law and Neighbours. Hemsworth marked his territory in Hollywood with his first stint in Star Trek where he was cast as George Kirk. He is best known for his portrayal of “Thor” in the Marvel Comic superhero flick.

He was also a part of the cast in the blockbuster film, Avengers. His movie Snow White and the Huntsman also did reasonably well at the box office. He has won a number of awards a few of them being Teen Choice awards, People’s Choice Award and MTV movie Award. Crowned the sexiest man alive by the People Magazine, Hemsworth is married. His wife Elsa Pataky is Spanish and the couple has three children, twin sons, and one daughter.

Chris Hemsworth statistics

Chris Hemsworth, who is popular for his good looks is not just a gorgeous face, but has a physique worth dying for. The actor who likes to experiment with his looks and acquires different avatars for a different role is a very fit man. He is very persistent with his workout routines which are why he maintains such amazing body statistics.

Chris Hemsworth height

Chris Hemsworth is a very tall man with a height of 6 feet 3 inches, which is 190 cm.

Chris Hemsworth height

He no longer needs to live in the United States of America for securing film work which is why he shifted from Los Angeles to Byron Bay in Australia. The actor along with his family has returned to his native place, where he happily resides with his loved ones.

How tall is Chris Hemsworth

The official records from a casting agency show that his height is around 190cm. Also, in an interview once he said that he lies about his height (6ft, 3in) and tells everyone that he is a bit shorter. So, how tall in Chris Hemsworth?

According to IMDB records, he is 6 feet, 2¾ inch tall which might be true. Well, with shoes he might definitely reach 6ft, 3in, but barefoot he is definitely around 6’2.5 to 6’2.75 max. Chris Hemsworth has a great body which actually makes him look taller than this figure, but when we compare him standing with other actors, we can come to a conclusion that he at his best is close to 190cm.

how tall is Chris Hemsworth

One picture of Chris Hemsworth with Drew Goddard whose height is 6ft, 5in had led many to believe that Chris is 6ft, 2in. In this picture you can see that Hemsworth looks very small, but that is because Goddard is double his size in body.

We took a poll on our website and about 50% believed that he is 6 feet, 3 inches, 30% believe that he is around 6 feet, 2.75 inches, 10% think that he is 6 feet, 4 inch tall while the rest 10% have gone for the 6 feet, 2.50 inch mark.

Chris Hemsworth weight, chest, biceps size

Talking about Chris Hemsworth’s weight, he is 91 kgs which is also 201 pounds. Considering his tall height, he is surprisingly underweight. About Chris Hemsworth’s physical statistics, his biceps are 16 inches. Chris Hemsworth waist is 33 inches, and his chest size is 48 inches. He wears a size 10 shoe! The Thor actor is particularly popular for his fitness regime.

Chris Hemsworth biceps

He is an extremely good looking man with an excellent physique. He has been a role model for many when it comes to his chiseled abs and taught biceps. Men across the world follow Chris Hemsworth’s workout routines and diet plans to look like him, which is a difficult task.

While Chris has been blamed for being on steroids while he was prepping for Thor, his nutritionists and instructors, informed that he did not take help from medicines or chemicals to acquire his muscular shape for the superhero movie.

Chris Hemsworth Diet and Workout

Chris Hemsworth’s diet mostly consists of red meat and protein powder, he does not consume a lot of carbohydrates and strictly follows a diet plan. His workout sessions require extensive training which comprises of pull-ups, pushups, dumbbell row, bench presses, weighted dips, back squats, leg presses and much, much more.

The actor has never refrained from hitting the gymnasium even after a hard day of labor during shoots. He makes sure, that he religiously follows the diet and workout plan while sacrificing on delectable food items. He works really hard and trains without complaining, which requires a lot of patience, persistence, and dedication.

chris hemsworth workout

On close inspection, Chris Hemsworth does not have the conventional “model body.” He is really broad and has great muscles in his shoulders and back. He could be having 10 to 12% of body fat, which is very healthy. He does not promote malpractices of achieving fitness. He has an excellent shoulder to weight proportion which gives a very attractive shape to his body.

His shoulders are fairly broad and his waist is not super slim. The actors’ arms are in excellent shape. It won’t be wrong to say that Chris Hemsworth biceps are his main attraction.

He is part Scottish and Irish due to which genes play a strong role when it comes to his strong biceps, add to that some extensive training sessions in the gym and one is bound to have biceps like Thor. Men across the world are trying to replicate a body type like Chris Hemsworth but it is not all that easy!

Chris Hemsworth Body Measurements

  • Body type: Strong build
  • Height: 6’3” or 190 cm
  • Weight: 91kgs or 201 pounds
  • Shoe size: 10 (US)
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Star sign: Leo
  • Ethnicity: Multiracial
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