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Jonah Hill Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Jonah Hill


Jonah Hill Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Check this list to know about Jonah Hill height in cm or feet and weight in kgs. Also, learn about his diet and workout for his weight loss transformation.

Jonah Hill Biography

Jonah Hill Feldstein is a multi-talented person who is equally adept in acting, production, screen-writing and also in doing comedy. He was born on 20th December 1983 to Richard Feldstein and Sharon Lyn in Los Angeles in US.

Jonah Hill

His father was a Guns N’ Roses’ tour accountant and his mother a fashion stylist and costume designer. Jonah has two other siblings-Beanie (sister) and Jordan (brother) who are actress and music manager respectively. Isabelle McNally is his current flame.

He completed his studies from Bard College and University of Colorado Boulder and during these days, he started sharpening his creative skills by writing plays. Jonah Hill even acted in his own plays and from there he realised that acting calls to him and therein lays his passion. He has given some superb comic performances in movies like Superbad, Accepted, Knocked Up, War Dogs, 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street, and Get Him to the Greek etc. which have cemented his position in the industry. However, he is also appreciated for his outings in The Wolf of Wall Street and Moneyball and has also earned nominations as Best Supporting Actor in the Academy Awards.

Apart from this, he still continued to write and also gathered accolades for that in Sausage Party and Jump Street Franchises.

Jonah Hill height

The one factor that catches the eye at the first go is height. Yes, there are many wonders who lack the height but compensate with their spunk; neither can you rub off their achievements nor are they being demeaned. Yet you can’t just deny the awe of the height and you cannot not notice such a persona.

Jonah Hill height

Jonah is not really a very tall man rather he has an average height of 5’7” (in Feet) or 170 cm (in centimeters). But due to his shedding of excess weight, his structure has become sharper and he appears taller than he actually is or he looked before.

Jonah Hill weight and body measurements

When it is said that the man lost in two months thirty pounds of his mass, it can be assumed how drastic the difference between the past and present self is. At present he weighs 87 Kgs (in kilogram) or 190 pounds (in pounds) which is a considerable weight if compared to height. There is definitely more scope of weight loss but what he has achieved in two months is highly commendable.

Jonah Hill weight

His chest size is 42 inches and that of waist is 36 inches. 16 inches is the size of his arms or biceps. If all the body measurements are mulled over, then it can be said that he is still in the bulky side. But if compared with his previous self then it can be said that this transformation is better as too thin Jonah would have been a hard thing to digest for his fans.

Jonah Hill Diet and Weight Loss

Well, this transformation of Jonah certainly did not happen overnight with the help of a Fairy Godmother rather it took Jonah rigorous tasks to achieve this. Weight loss is a process, procedure which one needs to follow strictly and with dedication. It is a conscious decision which cannot and should not be tampered with.

Jonah Hill diet and weight loss

At first, one needs to point out the cause of this fatness and then simply one should stay away from it. Jonah had to give up junk foods which are unhealthy. The nutritionist gave him a balanced diet with loads of fruits and foods with right combination. Sushi and other Japanese Cuisine helped him a lot.

Along with right foods, Jonah began doing easy workouts such as sit-ups, push-ups, running etc. When he and his body got accustomed, he moved onto heavier exercises which toned up his muscles and strengthened him. So, it’s not magic but hard work that metamorphosed him.

Complete Body Measurements

From bio now concentrate on the body statistics of Jonah because replacing this once upon a chubby cheeked guy a much more lean and fit guy made his appearance on the ESPN Espy Awards 2011 and stole everyone’s attention. Jonah was all along in the wider side but in the showbiz business, body plays an important role and hence he had to work upon his body in order to grab some serious roles. An actor needs to grow to do justice to his profession and to land up in meatier roles Jonah had to lower his own meat!

This new avatar of Jonah not only attracted others but also made the people eager to get hold of the secret and try that out!

  • Body type: Average build.
  • Height: 5’17” or 170 cm.
  • Weight: 87 kg or 190 pounds.
  • Shoe size: not known.
  • Eye color: Blue.
  • Hair color: Light brown.
  • Star sign: Sagittarius.
  • Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish.
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