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Robert Downey Jr. Height, Weight, Diet and Workout

Robert Downey Jr


Robert Downey Jr. Height, Weight, Diet and Workout

Find the complete body measurements of Robert Downey Jr with his exact height in feet and cm as well as his weight. Check his shoe size, bicep size, diet and workout.

Robert Downey Jr Bio

Robert Downey Jr, the highest paid Hollywood actor of 2012-2015 is a known face in world wide. The 51 year old actor is a California (Malibu) resident, originally hailing from Greenwich Village.

Robert Downey Jr

The quintessential Hollywood heart-throb is a true American having born and brought up in Manhattan, New York. The trail brazer actor from the Iron Man and Sherlock Homes franchise is a force to reckon with it. He is one of the pillars of modern day Hollywood.

Born to an illustrious family of actors, acting naturally came to him. His father, Robert Downey Senior was a prolific filmmaker and actor, and his mother Elsie Ann was an actress. He has a mixed lineage with his father being a Lithuanian-Hungarian Jewish and his mother being a Scottish-German. As a kid he started acting in his father’s films as a child artist then he went onto pursue his career in films by dropping out of Santa Monica High School and moving back to New York from California.

He soon hit it off with Broadway shows and television appearances. His major breakthrough came in the form of Julian Wells in Less Than a Hero. Since then he hadn’t looked back on his troubled past and moved forward being the leading actor in the industry. His career is decked up with franchise films like Captain America, The Avengers, the 2007 released mystery thriller Zodiac. The 1992 biopic Chaplin own his the acclaimed BAFTA and an academy nomination for best actor.

The millionaire prolific actor is involved in various philanthropic activities and is revered for his philanthropic role.

Robert Downey Jr Statistics

Robert Downey Jr, the ever charming and dynamic Iron Man for all of us has quite an event life – from an early successful career to drug abuse cases to the 2nd innings in the acting arena. He has seen all ups and downs both in his professional and personal life. Yet the Iron Man stands apart from all his contemporaries. This handsome personality didn’t come easily. An actor with an average height, Robert is often ridiculed but he quickly downplays it. He is 1 inches shorter than average American height. He makes up for it, with his well-built body which came after quite a rigorous. People recognize that he has come a long way from his skinny Marvel’s Iron man days.

Robert Downey Jr Height

The eccentric and robust actor has a height of 5 ft 18 inches, a pretty average height for an actor. Despite such a disadvantage he has carved out an oozing aura and a charming personality for himself.

Robert Downey Jr height

His well-toned muscular body and confident attitude speaks for his dynamic persona. Much like the role of Chaplin that he essayed, he knows how to laugh on himself.

Robert Downey Jr weight, chest and bicep size

Moving onto the man himself, similar to the Iron Man he plays he is a man of steel. A man of stout character with well-toned appropriate body features. In spite of his height disadvantage he carries a body features advantage which even at this age of 51 speaks for him.

Robert Downey Jr weight

Weighing just about 78 kg he has a well-built body devoid of any inch of extra fat. His strong built athletic body has a 45 inches chest and 35 inches waistline. As for his perfectly adorned biceps, they come at size of 15 inches. All these features speaks for his dynamic persona.

Diet and Work out plan

Before Iron Man and other action hero franchise came his way Robert Downey Junior was considered skinny. In order to reprise the character of Iron Man he needed to gain quite a lot weight and toned body. To achieve these, Robert went for a strict work out regimes and high protein diets designed to meet the daily calorie demand of 2500-3000 calories.

His primary objective to build such a stout body is rigorous martial arts training which is quite unlike any other regular body building exercise. The approach is quite scientific and deals on 2 factors – enhancing muscle strength by regulating the muscle endurance and lean body mass. This lean curved body is due to high intensive rigorous training.

Robert Downey Jr Workout

The training regime includes heavy weights and cardio training apart from martial arts. Climbing inclined treadmill, dumbells and inclined squats are some of the exercises he indulges in thrice every week. Such strict action plan for 6 weeks led to his astounding body features. In the first 2-3 weeks Robert went for heavy cardio exercises and the later weeks were meant for gradually increasing the power level. His personal trainer Brad is attributed with this idea that ends with a cardio session after each week.

His diet plan consists of a light breakfast 2 wholesome meal lunch and dinner which comprises of whole bread slices, salad, coffee without sugar, and green vegetables like broccoli, beans, carrots, and lean meat. He intakes 3000 calories per day but it primarily consists of carbohydrates and natural proteins sources. All this act as a proper plan to build the man of steel.

Robert Downey Jr Body Measurements

  • Body type: Athletic
  • Height: 5’ 18” or 173 cm
  • Weight: 78 kg or 172 pounds
  • Shoe size: 9 US size
  • Eye colour: Dark Brown
  • Hair colour: Dark Brown
  • Star sign: Aries
  • Ethnicity: Lithuanian-Hungarian Jewish
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